Bonjou! Or Bon Swa! Depending on what time you are reading this. Bonjou is good morning in Creole and Bon Swa is good evening. As far as the language goes, that is about all I have learned so far. Basically fluent.  

It’s been about a month since I left the US. I am getting settled in my new home, the office, and adjusting to the rhythm of Haiti. The staff and everyone I have met so far have been so encouraging, hospitable, and kind.  Continue reading

Au Revoir

My last day after almost 15 years in corporate America was on April 27th. In a couple days I will be moving to Haiti.  

This past month I have sold or given away most everything and started saying my goodbyes. I have spent time with family and friends that lift me up and encourage me as I prepare to leave.  

A question I have been getting a lot is Continue reading

Coming Home

I begin the long trip home tomorrow. I can say that I have never felt more bittersweet about anything. Since bringing the kid’s home is not exactly an option, I plan to bring home a lot of memories and everything I have learned in the last two months about life, Jesus, missions, bugs, and Indian food. Continue reading

Bottom of the 9th

I am now in the bottom of the ninth of my time here in India. These last couple of weeks have been filled with more adventures and moments filled with the Holy Spirit.

Last week we were in the slum area of Hyderabad. There I saw where, for many in India, landfill is a livelihood and a home. Children pick through garbage in hopes of finding plastic bottles, metal, and food. It is a survival strategy so they lack awareness of smells and lack of cleanliness. Continue reading