About Me

I am just a girl with a little courage who is willing to go. A girl who breaks rules, knows all the words to every inappropriate 90’s rap song, and falls short. I love Jesus, my dog, all things North Carolina, and condiments. I am dust and yet God never gives up on me.  His heart continues to beat for me and calls me to walk wildly in who He created me to be where He pours out His grace and mercy.  Every. Single. Day, and thankfully, before my feet hit the ground, God was already writing my story. A story that would always draw me back to Him where He promises to work ALL things out for good and just love me.

I grew up on the coast in Wilmington, NC, where I spent most of my life. I attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. In the funny ways God directs our lives, I selected accounting for a very important reason: it was my best friend’s major and we’d be in all the same classes. It helped that I actually like numbers and have always been good at math. Plus my dad advised me to select a major that would ensure a job when I graduated. Little did I know it was the Holy Spirit’s nudge and God’s plan to shake up the Kingdom.


In 2008 I traded in my flip flops for high heels and moved to Charlotte, NC to pursue my career in accounting. I started at the big banks and followed a colleague to a small entrepreneurial firm. The last couple of years I knew God was calling me to something bigger than myself. I listened and when the door opened, I saw that He wasn’t just calling me, He was going to go with me.


On May 31st, 2018, I am moving to Haiti. Leaving behind a life I know and love, to follow a God who relentlessly loves me. He has placed a calling on my life and has recklessly pursued me. Using the talents He has given me and the skills I have developed along the way, I will be serving as the Finance Controller on the island of Hispaniola with Back2Back ministries.

I look back on my path to this point and know it’s a story only God could write. I look forward to witnessing this journey with you as I share the next chapters here.