Pursue Jesus

Wanted to send out a quick note and let you know I am praying for each of you as we all work to navigate this season around the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Not trying to inundate everyone with another email, but I was recently reminded of a time of crisis when I lived in Haiti.  I had some people counsel me to return home immediately and others to first pursue Jesus and discover what he had for me in the moment.

This is our time to seek Him and pray for each other, our country, our world- especially those who are working so diligently to stock grocery stores, medical professionals, and Government officials making really challenging decisions.  This does not suggest we don’t plan or be a part of the solution, but our first response needs to be in prayer.  This has reminded me to pray for each of you, your families, your jobs, kid’s schools, etc.

Super grateful for each of you and pray God will continue to be our sustainer in this season.  We will be better on the other side of this.


Keep Washing your Hands!


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