Welcome to Ohio

In the unique ways God likes to direct our lives I am sending out this update from Cincinnati, Ohio and not the Dominican Republic.  I had mentioned in a previous update that I was planning on finishing language school in the Fall of 2019, spending the holidays in North Carolina and then moving to the Dominican in January of 2020.

However, the family I will be living with in the Dominican is expecting a new baby boy and we will be adding an additional member to our team in February!  Due to the medical care in the Dominican the family has gone home to have the baby and Back2Back, nor myself, felt comfortable sending me there alone.  Once the baby is born and all appropriate paperwork and medical care has been finished, we will all return to the DR in May 2020.

In the meantime..

Back2Back’s home office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Before I go to the Dominican I have the opportunity to work with their corporate finance team and connect with our staff here.  I am excited to serve alongside our Cincinnati staff and provide financial support to all of our international sites in Nigeria, Haiti, Mexico and India.  I will be helping with special projects and assisting in Back2Back’s annual year end audit.  I will also be working closely with our ministry development team on strategies and financial planning in 2020 and will continue my Spanish classes online.


I was over the moon excited to return to India and spend time with our children and in the local communities this past Christmas.  India sure does know how to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 3.49.54 PM

A few people have asked me if this changes anything financially for me, and it does not.  All of our US staff are required to raise support as well to ensure that all general giving goes directly to care for the orphan. So I will continue raising funds while I am stateside.

I am so thankful for the continued support prayers.  I wouldn’t be here without them



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