Bonjou! Or Bon Swa! Depending on what time you are reading this. Bonjou is good morning in Creole and Bon Swa is good evening. As far as the language goes, that is about all I have learned so far. Basically fluent.  

It’s been about a month since I left the US. I am getting settled in my new home, the office, and adjusting to the rhythm of Haiti. The staff and everyone I have met so far have been so encouraging, hospitable, and kind. 

They have been keeping me fed and up to speed on the Haiti do’s and don’ts. Welcome to Island Life…. Don’t look at the prices when grocery shopping, (JIF peanut butter is $15.00 here!) Don’t eat the street food. Do honk your horn a lot and be aggressive when driving. Driving has been the biggest challenge so far. More to come on that…prayers appreciated. ☺ 

There are five interns here for the summer that I get the privilege to co-labor alongside, help lead in Bible study, enjoy good belly laughs, and Cokes made with real sugar cane. They are all college students between the ages of 19-20. All with a heart beating for the Lord, looking for ways to serve each other, and the people of Haiti. 


My summers in college were mostly spent being over-served at whatever bar had the best drink specials and would take a fake ID. So seeing them give so willingly and sacrificially makes my heart skip a beat. They are set apart – examples of what it means to be in the world but not of the world. I love them deep deep down and can’t wait to see the impact they are going to make on this world.

The last several weeks, I have spent the majority of my time in the office behind a desk. Back2Back partners with 4 different children’s homes here in Haiti. Each has around 20 kids. I am the Finance Controller for all of them. I am learning their accounting process, documenting procedures, and looking for ways to help improve things. I think I have reviewed and reconciled almost every receipt spent here this year.  

My responsibility in God’s kingdom is not a loud one, but it is needed and what He has called me to do. What I do in love and service isn’t really seen and not your typical Instagram post. However, I am learning that so much of this journey is spent using my gifts in quiet ways that bring balance and unity to the Kingdom of God—this is how they were intended to serve.  The variation of our talents and what we are all good at highlights the need for one another. If we were all good at the same thing that wouldn’t be very efficient now, would it?

I had the opportunity to visit each home and meet all the children for which I help care. I brought the game Uno with me and introduced myself to a couple of the girls.  Christelle sat next to me. With the little english she knew she asked me,“You know Jesus?” I said, “Yes, you?” She said, “yes,” and then pointed to the deck of cards motioning that it was time to play. 

We have different backgrounds. Different cultures. We speak different languages, but we have the same God. We have the same Father.  We were sisters and instant friends because of Jesus. It touched my soul in a way that changed the way I see the common things in life and the way we love each other.  All we really need is Jesus (and maybe Uno).


This country is beautiful. I am blown away daily by His creation and the privilege it is to live here and be God’s hands and feet.  Thank you for your continued investment in the kingdom of heaven through me and for your prayers as I transition into my new normal.  I am eternally grateful.

4 thoughts on “Bonjou

  1. Mick Noland says:

    Sounds like you’re off to a great start! So glad to hear that everyone is helping support you as you support them, that’s what it all about. Your work there is so important, much more than you’re taking credit for. But you’re a humble servant of our Lord and being a servant to others which is what God calls all of us to do (but we don’t always answer the call). Bless you and the work you’re doing, we’re all praying for your safety and success in your work.


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  2. Susan Beaty says:

    Sarah, your blog is so beautifully written. You are such an inspiring individual. Love you so. Praying for your good works and safety.


  3. Amber Justice says:

    you sweet sister….are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your words and how clearly your heart comes through in this post. God is using you for His glory and for His Kingdom. I’m so very proud of you being willing to go and trust. praying for you always….and anxious for the next post! until Tuesday! 😉


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