Giving God my YES! – I’m Moving to Haiti

You know when the things you love to do start to collide with the plans God has for you?  That is when I knew global missions was going to be more than just a short term mission trip, and was actually a part of God’s larger plan for my life and His Kingdom. 

In September of 2011, I made the decision to go on my first mission trip to the Dominican Republic. During this time, I helped with construction, community outreach, and spent time with orphaned children.  I was prepared to fight off the bugs with several cans of bug spray and the heat with a portable fan I carried everywhere. I had enough baby wipes for the entire team, my hair dryer (rookie mistake), and of course, antibacterial wash.

Beyond that, I was not sure what to expect. So I prayed God would use me during this time to reflect His love through serving His people in the DR. The choice to go on one short-term trip stirred something in my wild, southern heart for orphaned and vulnerable children. God has been fanning that flame ever since.

Since that first trip in 2011, I’ve served on various mission teams in the DR, as well as India, Haiti, and Mexico.


Last year, I had the privilege to serve in India for two months with Back2Back Ministries.  Back2Back desires for every orphaned and vulnerable child to have the opportunity for success through care for today and hope for tomorrow. Their goal is for each child to experience life to the fullest and find purpose in which they can become fulfilled and mature, Christian adults.


One of the boys I became attached to during my time in India was Pranay. He was rescued from a trafficking ring and the government was never able to locate his parents, so God brought him to the Back2Back campus.

Pranay had been trying, since I got there, to learn how to ride a bike. We spent time practicing and under his breath, every time he would try to take off by himself he would say, “Come on Jesus!” He talked to Jesus like he knows who his Father is, even if he didn’t have one here on earth and, like most fathers, they teach their sons how to ride a bike.

I coveted his child-like faith. He knew he was going to ride that bike and his Father was going to help him do it. The next morning my roommate and I heard the ringing of his little bike bell when we were having our coffee. We walked outside to say good morning and he says, with the biggest grin, “Sisters, look!” and took off down the path on his bike. All by himself.

I will never forget the look of accomplishment and smile he had on his face. He was determined to ride that bike and he wasn’t giving up. He leaned into Jesus and then off he went. I thought to myself… little man, you were made for deep waters and holy fire… riding a bike is just a taste of what you can do with Jesus.

Now in 2018, in a called to action kind of love, I am standing on the edge of faith in a world of forgotten and unknown people. I am preparing to devote my entire self to serving those children full time with Back2Back Ministries. God will be combining my heart for ministry, my professional experience as a financial analyst, and my love for orphans to serve in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

God has blessed me with the unique love of numbers and spreadsheets. I want to be able to use that gift in fulfilling the calling He has placed on my life. Specifically as the Finance Controller in Haiti and in 2019 will help launch Back2Back’s new site in the Dominican Republic.  By making sure Back2Back and their ministry partners have the financial and accounting support they need, I am taking part in ensuring every child comes to know they are known, loved and created for a purpose.

Thank you for taking the time to let me share a little of my story.  As I prepare to follow this call and go, please lift this calling and transition up in prayer as I learn to surrender and work out the logistics.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


One thought on “Giving God my YES! – I’m Moving to Haiti

  1. Joe Rabon says:

    You are truly living your faith. I am so proud I had the opportunity and honor to know you. What you are doing not many have the backbone to do. I salute you!!


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