Coming Home

I begin the long trip home tomorrow. I can say that I have never felt more bittersweet about anything. Since bringing the kid’s home is not exactly an option, I plan to bring home a lot of memories and everything I have learned in the last two months about life, Jesus, missions, bugs, and Indian food.

Rani and I spent our last day together. I am really going to miss her.  She makes accounting fun. Bank statements, Excel, and reconciliations are much more enjoyable with chai tea, cookies, and her laugh and stories.

She told me she is nervous about me leaving because I have helped her so much and thanked me for coming. I encouraged her and then tried to explain that she has helped me so much more.

She showed me things in myself that I need to improve on: to be more patient, to seek contentment, to pray and love more, to give thanks in ALL circumstances, and how to dress like an Indian ☺ … (to name just a few.) Teaching these things is much harder to do than to learn a formula in Excel or general accounting principles. She loves so much and thrives in a culture where it’s almost impossible for women to succeed.

Rani works as if it depends on her, but prays likes it depends on God.  She has power and fire running through her veins. It has been a privilege to work alongside her these last two months.

Back2Back is home to 30 orphaned and vulnerable children. Children whose stories were called beautiful by God before they were even born. Children living out God’s constant, unending, immovable, and forever dependable love.

They will leave a mark on this world and the Kingdom one day.  To say I will miss them is the understatement of the year. This place changes my story and has drawn me closer to Jesus. My heart is officially connected to India.

Thanks for letting me share my journey with you these last couple of months and all of the encouraging words. Looking forward to seeing everyone when I get home.



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