Bottom of the 9th

I am now in the bottom of the ninth of my time here in India. These last couple of weeks have been filled with more adventures and moments filled with the Holy Spirit.

Last week we were in the slum area of Hyderabad. There I saw where, for many in India, landfill is a livelihood and a home. Children pick through garbage in hopes of finding plastic bottles, metal, and food. It is a survival strategy so they lack awareness of smells and lack of cleanliness.Back2Back partners with a school and feeding center in one of these areas.  We weren’t able to stay for more than a couple days, but while we were there, we met a couple hundred kids in the community.

I was able to sing praise songs with them, serve them a hot meal, and pray with them. I will treasure every second. Afterwards, I watched them run off in the dark, crowded streets of India barefoot not knowing if they were going to be safe or not.

It’s hard to not get discouraged sometimes. There are millions of orphaned and vulnerable children in India. A few meals barely scratches the surface in making a dent in this growing problem.

God is teaching me to trust Him through this and how to care without being crushed. My heart breaks in compassion, but not in hopelessness because I know He loves these kids more in a moment than I can in an entire lifetime.

He is the Savior, not me. Understanding His goodness and power expands my desire to engage in a hurting world.  He is in control. One day He is going to come back and make all of this right.

The end game isn’t about just a couple of hot meals. The point is to point us, and everyone else, to Jesus and a deeper relationship with Him. That is what I hope in.

Returning back to campus, where I have been living the last 6 weeks, feels a little like home now. My bedroom window is right next to the little girls’ house. Every morning around 6 am I wake up to them singing Indian praise songs. I am going to record it and make it my new alarm in the U.S.

We have church every Sunday for the kids and it always turns into a dance party. It’s a little different than my church back home.  We killed a cobra and a scorpion this past week too. Well, I shouldn’t say we. The boys killed the cobra and the girls stomped on the scorpion as if it was just a normal bug. I screamed like a small child.

Some days it feels like man vs. wild out here. These kids are born with survival skills I will never possess.

Rani is improving her Excel and problem solving skills in the accounting office. The kids finished their exams this week! So we have been busy helping with homework but also making sure they get in enough study time and shoot basketball.

The girls here asked me to teach them how to play basketball, which is my love language. We are having the best time. We play almost every night until the sun goes down. They are the perfect mix of sassy and sweet. Their perseverance, competitive spirit, and excitement to learn something new is a force to be reckoned with.  One of these days, they will be walking on water.

I now only have a little over two weeks left. I am scared if I blink, it will be over.  So I am practicing living in the moment and being present because I don’t want to miss one detail of what God is doing in me and through me here in India.

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