I can’t believe I have been here two weeks. I don’t think I have ever been away from home this long before. I miss my bed, the AC, Chick-fil-a, and my dog.

But I am also taking in every adventure and the time spent with the people here in India. The things I miss will be waiting on me when I get home, but the kids and people of India will not be in Charlotte, NC.

When people refer to an orphan, they automatically think that the child has no parents at all. At least I did. Come to find out, there are three types of orphans: 1) Double – no parents at all, 2) Partial – one parent is still in the picture but unable to care for the child, and 3) Social – the parents are alive but come from deep cyclical poverty and cannot afford good education or care because of the caste they’re in.

The organization, Back2Back, I am serving with has 30 orphans on this campus and partners with a couple other children’s homes here in Hyderabad.

One of the boys at the home that has really tugged on my heartstrings is Sathwik.  Sathwik is all boy. He is 4 and wild. His unique laugh makes my heart skip a beat every time I hear it. It’s the good stuff.

He figured out early that I am not a fan of the bugs he enjoys catching so much. He loves to capture dragonflies, hold them by their wings, and chase me with them!  If I did not enjoy hearing his laugh so much while he terrorized me, I probably would have panicked. But I played along and thankfully, I can outrun a 4-year old.  With his energy and boldness I have no doubt God has big plans for this one and will blow of all our minds.

These past couple of weeks have at times been physically hard, but I wouldn’t want to miss the blessing it is to be a part of these children’s stories God is writing just to sleep on a pillow top mattress.  I can sleep on the clouds when I get to heaven.



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