Welcome to Ohio

In the unique ways God likes to direct our lives I am sending out this update from Cincinnati, Ohio and not the Dominican Republic.  I had mentioned in a previous update that I was planning on finishing language school in the Fall of 2019, spending the holidays in North Carolina and then moving to the Dominican in January of 2020.

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Remember Me

I am a forgetful person.  I forget birthdays.  I forget where I put my keys and I forget about meetings.

I also forget how good God is.  I forget how good His love is.

I am thankful though that God is also not surprised by my forgetfulness and gives me a system to remember. Throughout scripture, especially Leviticus and Exodus, there are stories of ceremonies, rituals and feasts where God is telling his people, “Remember Me”.

Obviously our systems of remembering and traditions look a little different today. However, at the end of every year we remember.  We remember the good things God did in our life and we remember the hard things He is working out in our lives for good.

In 2019 I want to remember all God did in Haiti and the Dominican Republic through you and your financial support, prayerful support and encouragement.

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Poco a Poco

I am officially a student again.  I took my first test in almost 18 years last week. While I am learning a lot, I am also learning that there is so much I don’t know, and if I focus on that, I can easily get overwhelmed.

“Poco a poco [little by little] Sarah, you will get there,” a friend says to me.

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you don’t know until you go

Fourteen months ago I thought I was moving to Haiti for only a few months.

I sometimes wonder if I had known ahead of time that I was going to be here for over a year if I still would have “given God my yes!”

I sometimes wonder if I had known everything that was going to take place over this year if I still would have come.

I sometimes wonder if I really have what it takes to do this for the long haul. 

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the need to receive

Julianne greeted me like she always does, with a big smile and in a quiet, sweet voice, “Bonswa!” Then she grabbed my hand and led me down the dusty, dirt road to her school to play.  She motioned for me to sit on the ground to play a traditional Haitian game similar to Jax, called Roslē, but you play with rocks.

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year 1 in Ayiti

A few years ago I was asked a question we’ve all heard before, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”  I honestly don’t remember what I said, but I know I didn’t say living in Haiti.

But on May 31st, 2018 I gave up the McDonald’s drive thru and boarded a one-way flight to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti to serve orphaned and vulnerable children.

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Wild & Free

As some of you know, for safety reasons, the expat staff had to reluctantly return home for almost a month due to political unrest in February. But “for such a time as this” Back2Back’s leadership in Haiti who stayed behind didn’t miss one beat in ensuring the children were loved, seen and known while we were stateside.  I am one proud sister.

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